Monkey Man Review


The synopsis of the film centers around Dev Patel, aka Monkey Man. He ekes out a meager living in an underground fight club, by wearing a gorilla mask and getting beat up bloody for cash. Dev, having a traumatic past, finds that the people responsible for his mother’s death are part of the city’s sinister elite. As he finds out his true powers, Dev unleashes a fiery campaign of revenge and retribution against the men who took his mother away from him.

My Thoughts

I liked the movie a lot. The setting and the inclusion of Hindu mythological aspects were an added bonus, and added to the storyline.


All in all I liked the movie, and the fact that it was made on such a low budget was even more surprising. The fight scenes didn’t seem gaudily made despite the low budget camera setups at times (some shots were even filmed on an iPhone!), and the stunts seemed well done.

Aaditya Murthy

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